Programs • D - Paralegal Pathway Certificate Program

D - Paralegal Pathway Certificate Program

The Paralegal Pathway Certificate Program is a 6-week (3 college credit) paralegal course. The curriculum is designed for those who wish to earn a Certification in Paralegal Skills as quickly as possible. This is a fast-paced program consisting of intensive concentration in legal research using Caselaw® (and other techniques), legal interviewing, legal investigation and litigation assistantship. The course also explores the use of computers in a law office and basic law office administration. At Washington Online, our goal is to fully prepare you to enter the paralegal workforce with confidence in your abilities and knowledge of the law.

LOW TUITION $ 199.50 x 2 months.

Enrollment Process:

We will assign courses/credits manually based on your evaluation right after you paid $399.00 tuition fee.

After course assignments, you may need to pay courses extra charges (if applicable).

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