Programs • B - Economics Undergraduate Certificate

B - Economics Undergraduate Certificate

The accredited Undergraduate Certificate in Economics at Washington Online is a comprehensive, 15 college credit program leading to the award of the Undergraduate Certificate. The Undergraduate Certificate in Economics program is designed for students who are interested in gaining a background in basic Business, Principles of Economics, Intermediate Macroeconomics, Microeconomic Analysis, Managerial Economics.
LOW TUITION $ 99.90 x 10 months.
* In Full $ 999
* Installment plan $ 99.90 x 10 months
* Free Domestic Shipping
* International Shipping $ 60.00 USD

Enrollment Process:

We will assign courses/credits manually based on your evaluation right after you paid $999.00 tuition fee.

After course assignments, you may need to pay courses extra charges (if applicable).

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