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Take single courses online and jump-start your college education and earn credits online from a leader in distance learning. Complete college credit courses online in Business, Legal Studies, Health Care and Information Technology, and sharpen your skills as you progress toward an undergraduate certificate or college degree.


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You can select courses/credits and you will pay the tuition fee based on your selection.


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Credits earned at Washington Online may transfer to some, but not all, learning institutions. If you are planning to continue your education with another institution after completing courses online with Washington Online, you should check with the receiving institution regarding credit transfer policies.

Disclaimer: No accreditation guarantees any school will accept transfer credits.


BUS-1013.50BUS-101: Business Principles and Management$399.00
BUS-1023.50BUS-102: Marketing$399.00
BUS-1033.50BUS-103: Economics$399.00
BUS-1043.50BUS-104: Business Law (10 weeks)$399.00
CJ-100:3.50CJ-100: The American Criminal Justice System$399.00
CJ-2003.50CJ-200: Terrorism and Homeland Security$399.00
CJ-3003.50CJ-300: Criminology$399.00
CJ-4002.00CJ-400: Effective Communication for Criminal Justice Professionals$299.00
CJ-500:4.00CJ-500: Ethical Dilemmas and Decisions in Criminal Justice$399.00
CJ-6002.00CJ-600: Substantive and Procedural Criminal Law$299.00
LNC-2012.00LNC-201: Legal Research for Legal Nurse Consultants$299.00
MED-C2012.00MED-C201: Anatomy & Physiology$299.00
MED-C2022.00MED-C202: Medical Terminology$299.00
WOL-1012.00WOL-101: Introduction to the World of Law$299.00
WOL-1202.00WOL-120: Legal Terminology$299.00
WOL-1222.00WOL-122: Contracts$299.00
WOL-1232.00WOL-123: Immigration Law$299.00
WOL-124:2.00WOL-124: Law Office Management - Systems, Procedures & Ethics$299.00
WOL-2012.00WOL-201: Legal Research and Writing$299.00
WOL-3012.00WOL-301: Bankruptcy$299.00
WOL-4012.00WOL-401: Criminal Law$299.00
WOL-5012.00WOL-501: Ethics$299.00
WOL-6012.00WOL-601: The Law of Real Estate$299.00
WOL-7012.00WOL-701: Civil Litigation$299.00
WOL-8012.00WOL-801: Personal Injury & Medical Malpractice$299.00
WOL-801:2.00WOL-801: Personal Injury Law (Torts)$299.00
WOL-9012.00WOL-901: Business Organizations Law$299.00
WOL-9022.00WOL-902: Family Law$299.00
WOL-9032.00WOL-903: Wills, Trusts, and Estates$299.00
WOL-P052.00WOL-P05: Law Office Administration; Using Computers in the Law$299.00
WOLC-701:1.00WOLC-701: Civil Litigation for Legal Nurse Consultants$299.00

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