Programs • IT - Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)

IT - Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)

This 240-hour course prepares students for Microsoft® Office® Specialist Certification. Demonstrate advanced software application skills. Analyze and solve business problems using software applications Use the software applications in an ethical and secure manner. Prepare for the Microsoft Office Specialist Certificate (MOS) Exams. * The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification exam is taken in person at an authorized testing center.

LOW TUITION $ 224.75 x 4 months.

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We will assign courses/credits manually based on your evaluation right after you paid $899.00 tuition fee.

After course assignments, you may need to pay courses extra charges (if applicable).


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* In Full $ 899
* Installment plan $ 224.75 x 4 months
* Free Domestic Shipping
* International Shipping $ 60.00 USD
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