Immigration Law Specialist Certificate (WOL-S23)

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Duration: 2 Months
Credits: 4 Credits (168 Clock Hours)



The Immigration Specialist Paralegal Certificate Program is an 8-week Paralegal Certification Program designed for persons who wish to own and operate their own paralegal immigration assistance office.

Graduates of this program will have excellent knowledge in the area of immigration law practice, and will be able to assist people in various phases of the immigration law process. This Certificate Program focuses on two essential areas of knowledge:
        1. Immigration Law
        2. Law and Paralegal Office Management

Regarding immigration law, students will gain both a theoretical and practical understanding of the basic elements of immigration law. This course examines immigration policies and undertakes a close review of the various categories of immigrants and non-immigrants. We review the basic statutes and visa categories and the priority with which the law treats their applications for entry. We take a detailed look at the various forms that are most commonly used in the immigration and visa application processes. Finally, we will explore the procedure required for admission into the United States, green card and citizenship status. We also review the procedures for deportation.

Regarding law and paralegal office management, this course prepares the paralegal to effectively function as a manager of a law office or his or her own paralegal office. This course takes you into the exciting world of the legal marketplace. You will learn about law offices, their fundamental characteristics, and the differences between different types of law firms and paralegal offices. This course also discusses personnel relations, and how the legal team functions together. As a paralegal, you must have a foundation in ethics, the next subject of study in this course. Client relations are going to be a major part of your career, and you need to know the ethical boundaries which guide legal professionals. This course also examines legal fees, timekeeping, billing and financial management, managing clients' trust fund accounts, and reviews law office systems and technology. Finally, the course considers the important subjects of record keeping, and law library organization and management.

This Certificate program is a wonderful combination of immigration law study and law office management. Persons planning to own and operate their own paralegal immigrant assistance office should take this course as a crucial first step to earning a living helping immigration clients as an entrepreneurial immigration paralegal.

Earn Your Specialized Certificate of Paralegal Studies Online

Upon completion of this online paralegal program, students will be awarded a Specialized Certificate of Paralegal Studies from the The Washington Online Learning Institute.

Certification from the accredited Washington Online Learning Institute will signify the student's achievement in both knowledge and competence. This program is available and recognized in all 50 States.

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