Online Classroom

At the Washington Online Learning Institute, we use the award-winning Moodle learning management system to provide our students and faculty with a rich set of communication tools including discussion groups, email and chat rooms.

These tools help create a virtual community which enables people to get to know each other, to share ideas, and to learn from each other.

Moodle is a proven system that is used by thousands of schools. It will make your online learning experience convenient and enjoyable.

The online classroom offers the following features and benefits:

Simple to Use With Just a Web Browser

All you need to participate is a personal computer that is set up to surf the web. You can use any standard web browser to access your online courses. The online classroom is available 24/7 exclusively via the Internet. No downloads, no installation, just click and go!

Course Documents and Assignments

Each course offered through the online classroom has a set of course documents that are available to students at all times. Typically, students access the course syllabus, summaries of reading assignments, multimedia presentations, and other information related to the courses.

Students also pick up and submit assignments using the online classroom tools.

Tests and Quizzes

All of the tests and quizzes are provided in the online classroom. Depending on the course, tests and quizzes normally contain multiple choice, true/false, short answer, or essay questions. Many test and quizzes are automatically graded, so you will find out almost immediately if you passed.

Discussion Groups

Each instructor-led course has a main discussion forum in which instructors pose questions for the students to consider and debate. Instructors also participate in the discussions and provide valuable guidance.

Students may also use these forums to ask specific questions about the course topics. Your understanding of the course materials will be greatly enhanced by participating in this dialogue among instructors and students.


Students can communicate directly with their instructors (in instructor-led courses) or other students via email. This form of communication is ideal for more private correspondence.