National Paralegal Certificate Program (WOL-NPC)

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Duration: 5 Months
Credits: 10 Credits (420 Clock Hours)



The National Paralegal Certificate Program (NPC) is a fully accredited five-month (5 month) program leading to Certification in Paralegal Studies. Though the shortest in duration of WOLI's three major paralegal certification programs, it is a very high quality program taught by experienced attorneys.

The National Paralegal Certificate Program is the perfect Paralegal Certification program for aspiring legal professionals who want to enter the job market quickly and gain the most education and paralegal training in the shortest reasonable amount of time.

Why enroll at WOLI? Washington Online Learning Institute has the highest level of accreditation possible. WOLI has traditionally been the choice of law firms and corporate law departments nationwide. Paralegal Certification from Washington Online is a very valuable and career-enhancing credential. WOLI remains the leader in online paralegal education. All you need to enroll on the Paralegal Certificate Program (NPC) is a High School Diploma - a degree qualification is not necessary.

Students who successfully complete this online National Paralegal Certificate Program will earn certification and are automatically qualified to enroll in WOLI's two major Paralegal Certificate Programs, the American Legal System (10 months) and the Master Paralegal Certification Program (15 months) with full credit given for each class taken in the program.

The five courses of the program have been carefully chosen to prepare the modern Paralegal to succeed in the competitive and rewarding world of the legal professional. The five courses total 15 credits (420 clock hours) and may be transferred to institutions for up to 15 semester credits. The National Paralegal Certificate Program is designed to provide the law student with the theory of the law and practical experience.

As with all WOLI programs, the online classroom is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You log in when it is convenient for you; there are no mandatory classes to attend

Enroll at WOLI and discover why Washington Online continues to lead the nation in online paralegal education.

Earn Your Certificate of Paralegal Studies Online

Upon completion of this online paralegal program, students will be awarded a Certificate of Paralegal Studies from the The Washington Online Learning Institute.

Certification from the accredited Washington Online Learning Institute will signify the student's achievement in both knowledge and competence. This program is available and recognized in all 50 States.

Job Outlook for Paralegal Graduates

Excellent. There are many employment opportunities for paralegals in law firms, corporate legal departments, and government agencies. Thousands of new paralegal jobs are created each year.

Career Development and Placement Assistance.
WOLI provides dedicated one-on-one Career Development guidance to all paralegal graduates.

Fully Accredited Online School

WOLI is fully accredited by the Middle States Association (MSA) Commission on Secondary Schools, one of the most prestigious accrediting agencies in the United States.