Legal Nurse Consultant Certificate Program (LNC-101)

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Duration: 4 Months
Credits: 9 Credits (336 Clock Hours)



Legal Nurse Consulting is a unique field that combines both nursing and legal skills and knowledge. To begin practicing as a Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC), you must be a Registered Nurse (RN).

Legal Nurse Consultants most often advise law firms, insurance companies and corporations on matters involving personal injury and medical malpractice, a segment that comprises fully 25% of all legal cases in the United States.

A well-qualified Legal Nurse Consultant will have, in addition to her medical background, a grounding in personal injury and medical malpractice law, as well as familiarity with case law and the processes of civil litigation.

WOLI's comprehensive Senior Legal Nurse Consulting program is designed to prepare RN's for exciting and lucrative careers as Legal Nurse Consultants.

Earn Your Certificate Online

Upon completion of this online program, students will be awarded a Legal Nurse Consultant Certificate from the The Washington Online Learning Institute.

Certification from the accredited Washington Online Learning Institute will signify the student's achievement in both knowledge and competence.

The Legal Nurse Consulting Certificate Program is available and recognized in all 50 States.

Job Outlook

Excellent. The field of Legal Nurse Consulting is rapidly growing. Demand for qualified professionals has never been higher. You can earn a high income as a certified Legal Nurse Consultant from law firms or corporations that specialize in medical malpractice claims, medical ethics, personal injury law and civil and criminal litigation.

While most Legal Nurse Consultants work directly for law firms and attorneys, some Legal Nurse Consultants work in hospitals and medical centers. Many others own their own consulting firms and offer their services directly to attorneys.

Fully Accredited Online School

WOLI is fully accredited by the Middle States Association (MSA) Commission on Secondary Schools, one of the most prestigious accrediting agencies in the United States.