Business Certificate Program (WOL-BUS)

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Duration: 10 Months
Credits: 20 Credits (864 Clock Hours)


Course Syllabus

BUS-101: Business Principles and Management (10 weeks)
Business Principles and Management focuses on the basics of finance, marketing, operations, and management. The theme of career planning permeates the subject matter. The student will explore many career fields and will be encouraged to think about and plan success as a business professional in one of the many career opportunities presented in the course. The course examines business in real life situations. The student is encouraged to think about the ethics of business practice, including the goal of improving society through business, and the global impact of business operations, as well as the fundamentals of earning a profit and managing a successful enterprise. Marketing, financial management, business and technology, consumer credit, banking, savings and investment strategies, production and risk management are just some of the topics covered in this basic course.

BUS-102: Marketing (10 weeks)
Marketing is critical to any business venture. Marketing is an exciting and dynamic subject. This module approaches marketing as an integrated set of tasks and functions, built on a solid set of foundations. Marketing skills are not presented as independent functions, but as a set of proficiencies and knowledge combined with economics, finance and career planning. Students learn how to create strategic plans and how the different skill sets of marketing interface with each other. This is marketing in the real world: integrated, strategic and always changing. Specific topic covered include: marketing basics, e-marketing, the impact of marketing on society, marketing economics, marketing research, product development, advertising, price-setting, communication, risk-management, customer relations and competition among many others. An essential course for an aspiring business professional.

BUS-103: Economics (10 weeks)
This ten-week course explores basic economic principles and their relation to the world around us. The student explores in depth the principles of supply and demand, capital and labor, and the relationship of government and business. Other subject include basic economic theory, the private and public sectors, the demand curve, market forces, market structure, market institutions, business organization, and the financial markets. Students also review the role of public policy, the national economy, fiscal policy, money and the banking system. There are many opportunities for assessment of facts learned and many interesting and thought-provoking questions presented which shed light on the day-to-day impact of economics on business operations and career planning.

BUS-104: Business Law (10 weeks)
Business law is a fascinating course which students will appreciate for the many practical insights it provides into the world of business law and its impact on business and the individual. The major areas of business law are examined from a practical viewpoint: laws and their ethical foundations, constitutional rights, criminal law and procedure, the court system, contracts, including sales contracts, agency and employment law, the law of business organization, property law, money borrowing and much more. This class is taught by experienced attorneys who know how to make the subject matter exciting and relevant. This class provides critical and valuable information for any business person.