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"JOBS": The work that a person does regularly in order to earn money.

At the Washington Online Learning Institute our one mission is to put people back to work.

We keep this in mind in every action we take from course development though final placement.

Today's workforce is constantly changing, and so must those who prepare workers to enter into the workforce. WOLI provides skills-based education, focused on in-demand careers identified by the Department of Labor. As a Regionally Accredited institution, WOLI guides your educational journey with an understanding of the way adults learn.

With WOLI.Edu, You Can Learn a Skill-Based Career and Receive College Credits in Areas Like:

Skill-Based Career and Receive College Credits

WOLI National Job Bank and Career Planning

WOLI continually supports our students through the career planning process. To do thisWOLI's jobs program combines the cost effective and efficient aspects of accredited skills-based training with a proactive employment partnership. When a WOLI student enrolls in one of our programs, that student also enrollsin a partnered national job bank that matches potential future employment with the chosen career program. Each student will progress through a series of benchmarks designed to achieve gainful employment.

Once a career direction has been established and a student is placed into the WOLI job bank, a timeline will be developed to assist each student for entry to the workforce. Part of the preparation will include courses that deal with skills that are required to be successful on the job. These skills include, Business Skills, Communication Skills, Customer Service Basics, Interviewing Techniques, Networking, Problem Solving, Resume Preparation, Social Media Awareness, and Time Management. These programs are included in our career planning and are provided at no additional charge.

To ensure that every student is not only well trained but also well positioned for a job, we will be providing the student with a program that ensures they put their best foot forward when searching for employment. Through a partnership with BrandYourself we will help to ensure that each student has a positive online footprint.


The Washington Online Learning Institute is regionally accredited as a postsecondary institution by the Middle States Association - Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools. Questions regarding our accreditation status can be directed to WOLI or to MSA at 3624 Market Street, 2 West; Philadelphia, PA.Telephone: 267-294-5000, Fax 610-617-1106, or email at

Accreditation and How It Affects You

Accreditation is important to Washington Online because it demonstrates to our entire community of faculty, staff and students that, as an educational institution, we adhere to standards of excellence in our educational programs and services.

Funding Your Education

At Washington Online, we understand that one of the biggest questions tied to furthering your education is funding. We have developed a series of high quality; low cost career training options to help you to achieve your career goals. We offer a number of financing options to assist with tuition payments, including no-interest installment plans, and active participation in government programs like:

MyCAA - Military Spouse Funding

TAA Funding

Vocational Rehabilitation

(WIA-WIOA) Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act

Workforce Innovation

Our Student Affairs Counselors are dedicated to helping you find the funding option that suits you best. For tuition assistance, contact Washington Online Learning Institute today.